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Strike a Balance between Comfort and Style with Plus Size Jeggings

Being fashionable doesn't always mean feeling constricted and uncomfortable. If you're looking for that perfect balance between killer style and a cozy fit, check our selection of plus size jeggings in bold, fabulous prints and stunning colors!

Feel a bit unsure about trying on a pair of plus size denim jeggings? Check out our style guide below to learn how to strut your stuff in any of these eye-catching bottoms.

Finding that Perfect Fit
Well-fitting clothes are essential for a look that combines head-turning style with everyday comfort. So, you'll want to keep away from something too tight or too big. Find a size that fits snugly at your natural waist and hugs your legs comfortably. Don't be surprised if the size you end up purchasing is smaller than what you're used to. After a while of wearing them, your denim leggings will start to fit your body shape better.

Bold prints tend to camouflage your curves, creating an eye-catching look while disguising your problem areas. But if you really want to achieve a smooth silhouette, try looking into our selection of shapewear. Seamless control briefs and camis that extend to your thighs will smooth your curves, hiding any unwanted bumps.

Creating the Perfect Ensemble
Once you've found the perfect plus size jeggings to suit your style and body, you will want to look for the best dresses and tops to go with them. A good rule of thumb is to always pair jeggings with something that's around mid-thigh so it's short enough to show off your legs, but long enough to hide your problem areas. Tunic-length tops and plus size dresses will do the trick.

If you want to draw attention to your waist, pair a loose top or dress with a belt. A thin belt can accentuate your curves without drawing away from the visual impact of your denim jeggings. Also, you will want to opt for tops and dresses in solid colors and simple cuts so your ensemble won't look too "busy."

Basic white, black, grey, or brown are safe choices for your top or dress, but if you really want to make heads turn, look for a hue that complements your jeggings. For example, to complement a pair of dark blue plus size colored jeggings, try pairing it with a yellow tunic.

Printed plus size jeggings offer an easy way to add some visual pizzazz to your ensemble. By mastering the basics of how to put together a flattering ensemble, you can totally flaunt your style with our selection of printed bottoms.

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