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  • $19.50 $8.98
    Plus-size Women's - Embellished Layered Chain-Link Necklace. Layer it up! There's nothing like a layered chain-link necklace. I took this look and added colored faux crystals and extended the length for an extra pop. This would look great over any top.
  • $12.50 $5.98
    Plus-size Women's - Mesh Double Disc Clip-On Earrings. Complete your look with new earrings. They feature mesh and beautiful diamond embellishments for a unique and signature look.
  • $19.50 $8.98
    Plus-size Women's - Layered Chain-Link Pendant Necklace. Loving layers! My mixed media chain has an edgy layered look. The pendant adds a unique flair. This is most definitely a statement necklace.
  • $16.50 $8.99
    Plus-size Women's - Spiral Cuff Bracelet. Want to achieve an ethereal look with accessories? Look no further. My spiral cuff bracelet gives off a super exquisite vibe and can elevate any outfit.