Gold Length Jewelry

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  • $12.50 $9.37
    Plus-size Women's - Crystal Key Drop Earrings. Here's the key to making the final touch on your ensemble.
  • $12.50 $9.37
    Plus-size Women's - Heart Trio Drop Earrings. Feel the love 3xs over with my new drop earrings. The graduated heart design is attractive, plus they just look really lush. They can be worn with any outfit.
  • $14.50 $10.87
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Pearl-Embellished Chandelier Earrings. Resin has been taken to a whole new level! My new chandelier earrings are absolutely alluring. It features a camo-esque pattern and faux pearls for a softer, delicate and rich feel.
  • $24.50 $8.98
    Plus-size Women's - Raffia Statement Necklace. My oversized, gold-tone necklace combines statement style with feminine flair thanks to the addition of the vibrant, raffia trimmed pendants.
  • $19.50 $6.73
    Plus-size Women's - Long Chain Link Necklace. Always a favorite go-to, my long chain-link necklace is designed with polished, gold-tone and pink links that make this statement necklace a must for any jewelry lover.