Plus Size Linen

  • $49.50 $16.09
    Plus-size Women's - Rope Belt Wide Leg Linen Pant. Lovely linen? Check. An easy pull-on style? Check. A comfy and roomy wide-leg fit? Oh, yes - CHECK! My new plus size pants are a total-must have, keeping your look on trend with a fun and fashionable rope belt that's simple and sweet.
  • $44.50 $14.69
    Plus-size Women's - Tie Waist Wide Leg Linen Pant. So comfy! So roomy! So, SO trendy! My new pair of plus size linen pants comes in a wide-leg fit that'll provide comfort and confidence, along with an easy and convenient tie-waist that'll ensure the perfect fit for a pretty gal like you.
  • $39.50 $9.09
    Plus-size Women's - Striped Linen Hi Lo Midi Skirt. The low-down on hi-lo? Looks even better in linen! Stay stylish with my classic striped print, and you'll look (and feel!) so marvelous in my new plus size midi skirt. Pair with either my matching sleeveless jacket or matching wrap top!
  • $39.50 $10.49
    Plus-size Women's - Striped Linen Wrap Top. So irresistible in a wrap top! Stay trendy with this sleeveless and stylish look, complete with your favorite stripes and trendy, comfy, lovely linen. For the sexiest two-piece set, make sure you check out my matching midi skirt, too!
  • $44.50 $14.69
    Plus-size Women's - Crochet Trim Linen Pant. Pull-on pants in lovely linen? Yes, please! Take it easy and stay comfy in these plus size bottoms that have a drawstring waist, ensuring you keep cozy, casual, and confident all day long. Pockets with crochet trim is the cute finishing touch!
  • $39.50 $13.29
    Plus-size Women's - Sleeveless Linen Trapeze Tunic. Sleeveless, stylish, and so comfy! My linen trapeze tunic will have you setting trends, especially with my extra roomy sharkbite hem for you to feel so free, flexible, and fabulous.
  • $54.50 $17.49
    Plus-size Women's - Striped Ruffle Linen Maxi Dress. Hi-lo is still SO hot this season, and you'll simply love any linen maxi dress that offers an easy, breezy, beautiful fit. Stylish stripes are an added bonus!
  • $39.50 $13.29
    Plus-size Women's - Chambray Linen Cold Shoulder Top. Stay cool and give 'em the cold shoulder this summer! Embrace the season's warm weather and feel so HOT in my new chambray linen blouse, and you'll feel like a fashion babe in bold balloon sleeves and an irresistible ruffle layer.
  • $39.50 $13.29
    Plus-size Women's - Floral Linen Peasant Blouse. Smell the roses, SLAY in florals! You'll adore my pretty new peasant top, complete in trendy, lovely linen and at a cute, casual, and confident cropped length. This beautiful blouse comes off-the-shoulder for even more fun and flirty flair!
  • $34.50 $6.99
    Plus-size Women's - Striped Chambray Linen Short. Here's a short story for you: chambray all day, err'day! It's time to show off some leg, as well as your chic taste.
  • $59.50 $13.99
    Plus-size Women's - Striped Linen Sleeveless Jacket. Sleeveless and timelessly stylish! My latest plus size jacket comes in trendy, lovely linen, all while you show off your stripes with ease and effortlessness. Don't forget to check out my matching midi skirt for a top-notch two-piece set!
  • $39.50 $13.29
    Plus-size Women's - Chambray Linen Ruffle Top. Layer on the love with some ruffles, and stay cool with some classic chambray linen that I know you'll just adore.
  • $59.50 $18.89
    Plus-size Women's - Floral Crochet Inset Linen Dress. Love me a linen dress! Stay cute and confident with this sweet, stylish, and sleeveless look, featuring a classic, pretty princess seamed fit and fashionably feminine floral crochet lace.
  • $44.50 $14.69
    Plus-size Women's - Drawstring Wide Leg Linen Pant. Roomy. Comfy. Trendy. That's linen for you! My new plus size pair of pull-on drawstring pants comes in a wide-leg fit that'll have you feeling so free, flexible, and fabulous.
  • $39.50 $13.29
    Plus-size Women's - Striped Linen Cold Shoulder Top. Warmer weather means: 1. good vibes only, and 2. it's totally fine to give 'em all the cold shoulder. Even better with timelessly stylish stripes, chic chambray, and classic linen!
  • $44.50 $11.89
    Plus-size Women's - Ruffle Floral Linen Wrap Skirt. Wrap yourself in super fun florals - and show off your lovely taste with linen! This plus size skirt has a comfy and trendy tie-waist. Pair this with my matching bomber, babe!
  • $59.50 $15.39
    Plus-size Women's - Crochet Linen Halter Maxi. When it's a maxi, it's a must! My plus size halter dress will have you exuding elegant taste and confident vibes with a cute floral crochet top and a lovely linen skirt. Sweet, stylish, and oh so filled with joy, you'll be such a stunner!
  • $39.50 $13.29
    Plus-size Women's - Ruffle Off Shoulder Linen Top. Off the shoulder, off the hook! Feel oh so HOT in my new plus size linen blouse that'll have you looking like a beauty queen, all while you show off your fun style, flirty attitude, and fabulous taste with my statement-making ruffle design.
  • $39.50 $10.49
    Plus-size Women's - Chiffon Sleeve Linen Blouse. Lovely linen and chic chiffon? Girl, it's a gorgeous combo that'll make for a super cute look! My new plus size blouse will have you looking (and feeling) so beautiful, especially with a fun and flirty off-shoulder neckline that's fearless.
  • $49.50 $15.39
    Plus-size Women's - Ruffle Hem Linen Skirt. Time to ruffle up the classics! My new plus size linen skirt will have you feeling oh so lovely in a classy yet comfy fit, and you'll love my chic chiffon on the trendy tiered bottom hem that'll add a lil' something different to your day.
  • $49.50 $16.79
    Plus-size Women's - Contrast Striped Linen Pant. Flyaway pants will always have you feeling so free, so fabulous, and so undeniably fearless! My latest plus size pair of pull-on pants are comfy, roomy, and trendy with a cool crossover hem on the sides, a contrast striped print that's timelessly cool and simply stylish, and the lovely, luxe feel of linen! Be sure to pair these with my matching cropped jacket or peasant blouse.