Plus Size Womens Shells

  • $39.50
    Plus-size Women's - All Over Lace Posture Bra. My all over lace posture bra will quickly turn into your go-to essential for work - or play! With a hook-and-eye front closure, this gorgeous lace bra is classy, comfy and confident and will provide you with the lift, support and full-coverage you desire all-day-long.
  • $16.50 $8.99
    Plus-size Women's - Americana Shell Disc Necklace. Star spangled - slay! Incorporate some patriotic style into your holiday look with my gorgeous red, white and blue shell disc necklace.
  • $24.50 $11.98
    Plus-size Women's - Long Shell Link Necklace. Polished shells link together to create my statement necklace that will perfectly layer over any look thanks to the gorgeous neutral hues and tortoise shell details.
  • $14.50 $7.99
    Plus-size Women's - Tortoise Shell Gold Rim Sunglasses. My sunglasses always leave a lasting impression - and this style is no different, diva! Round in shape, with a sleek, tortosie shell design my sunnies are trimmed with a gold detail and gradient brown lenses.
  • $39.50
    Plus-size Women's - Plissé Pukka Shell Maxi Skirt. Total beach babe vibes from my new maxi skirt. The pukka shell addition assists in giving a sense of seaside summertime fun.
  • $14.50 $6.98
    Plus-size Women's - Black Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses. Being shady never looked so good. Take flight in my chic aviator sunglasses that are designed with a flat top, black metal frame, and dark gradient lenses.