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  • $14.50 $6.99
    Plus-size Women's - Bead Set of 3 Stretch Bracelet Set. Add something bold and new to your wardrobe with this colorful set of stretch bracelets.
  • $19.50 $9.09
    Plus-size Women's - Illusion Beaded Long Necklace. Shining in simple opulence and luxury, this necklace comes to you in a manner of beads seemingly floating along your neckline.
  • $19.50 $9.09
    Plus-size Women's - Trio Bead Drop Earrings. Modern mixed bead set of three drop earrings made with style and quality to last a lifetime.
  • $24.50 $11.89
    Plus-size Women's - Beaded 2 Row Short Necklace. A little elegance, for the office and beyond. Brilliant beads inspired by Ashley Stewarts latest Spring Collection make for a chic two-row necklace.