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  • $12.50 $4.79
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Medium Hoop Earrings. Classic like the 90s silver-tone lever-back style earrings of a perfect size that can be styled to suit your mood and intention.
  • $14.50 $8.70
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Faux Leather Drop Earrings. Faux leather levels up the edgy on these geo drop earrings set in sleek silver.
  • $16.50 $9.90
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Mask Chain. A chic new accessory you never knew you needed. Secure a super stylish and high-fashion way to hold onto your face mask. Go ahead and set another trend.
  • $14.50 $5.99
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Vote Hoop Earrings. Hoops adorned with an array of ring charms showcases 'vote' in a stylish manner.
  • $14.50 $5.99
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Oval Link Drop Earrings. Oval links in graduated sizes create an earring design of simple drama.
  • $16.50 $9.90
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Textured Pendant Necklace. Statement-making textured pendant defines this chic necklace.
  • $19.50 $7.79
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Geo Chain Link Necklace. Simple yet refined choker of shiny silver tone oversize links crafted in an hexagon shape.
  • $14.50 $8.70
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Rhinestone Hoop Earrings. Get star-quality style with these dazzling hoops. Rhinestones set in silver-plated design enhance its beauty.
  • $14.50 $5.99
    Plus-size Women's - Ombre Wrap Silver Drop Earrings. Ombre detail brings a sense of cool with these elegant drop hoop earrings highlighted with raffia wrap detail.
  • $19.50 $9.75
    Plus-size Women's - Diamond Chain Link Belt. This opulent plus size chain belt flaunts diamonds in an interlocking design creating a statement piece to highlight your waist and outfit.
  • $19.50 $11.70
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Filigree Circle Chain Belt. A plus size belt that might cause a fashion chain reaction!
  • $29.50 $17.70
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Watch Necklace Earring Set. Everything's coming roses with this three piece set. Not only do you get a luxe wrist watch, but also a necklace and stud earrings for a coordinated three piece jewelry set that makes a statement.
  • $16.50 $9.90
    Plus-size Women's - Pink Diamond Chandelier Earrings. Angled silver-tone earrings adorned with strands of shimmering pink rhinestones mix a modern look with glam allure.
  • $16.50 $6.59
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Leather & Chain Drop Earrings. A modern expression of the finer things in life is featured in a chain link with faux leather detail creating a cutting-edge design.
  • $16.50 $9.90
    Plus-size Women's - Rhinestone Mask Chain. A super stylish and high-fashion way to secure your face mask. Go ahead and set another trend.
  • $14.50 $8.70
    Plus-size Women's - Crystal & Diamond Drop Earrings. Vintage-inspired luxe drop earrings crafted of rich crystals and diamonds encompasses a lifestyle fit for a glamorous queen like yourself.
  • $19.50 $11.70
    Plus-size Women's - Chandelier Collar Necklace Set. Rich raven beads lend decadence as it suspended from a sleek silver collar necklace for a unique chandelier statement piece that comes with matching pair of earrings.
  • $16.50 $4.79
    Plus-size Women's - Metallic Faux Leather Geo Earrings. Metallic detail on the faux-leather geo drop earrings add chic shine to these earrings only at Ashley Stewart.
  • $14.50 $8.70
    Plus-size Women's - Gold Texture Door Knocker Earrings. Bold door knocker earrings with textured style in a swanky silver tone.
  • $12.50 $7.50
    Plus-size Women's - Glitter Double Tear Drop Earrings. Elegant drop earrings with hidden halo that creates stunning textured brilliance.
  • $24.50 $14.70
    Plus-size Women's - Rhinestone Long Chain Choker. This necklace amps up the sexy factor with a fashion forward combo of a choker and long layer chain offering any neckline style worthy of a second look.