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  • $14.50 $6.98
    Plus-size Women's - Textured Chunky Bangle. Sometimes all you need is a piece of jewelry to complete your look. My new textured bangle is a trendy chunky bangle that comes in silver or gold. Add to your jewelry collection, I promise it’s a must-have.
  • $14.50 $6.98
    Plus-size Women's - Textured Crystal Earrings. Attention! You need these new earrings. They will surely enhance you standing out from the rest. It also comes in gold!
  • $12.50 $7.99
    Plus-size Women's - Heart Chandelier Earrings. You're going to fall in love with these chandelier drop earrings. They feature dazzling faux diamonds and intricate circular drop detail.
  • $19.50 $8.98
    Plus-size Women's - Pink Boxing Glove Pendant. Feel good knowing you've contributed to an amazing cause by purchasing this boxing glove pendant and faux pink diamond jewelry set that can be worn everyday as positive reminder. Shop for a good cause!
  • $19.50 $13.99
    Plus-size Women's - Circular Chain Belt. Add a decorative touch to any outfit with my new chain belt. Oh you fancy!
  • $16.50 $11.99
    Plus-size Women's - Mixed Set of Silver Bangles. An edgy set of bangles, perfect for adding a statement to any look. Wear with matching hoop earrings for a edgy and matchy look.
  • $14.50 $6.98
    Plus-size Women's - Set of Two Enamel Drop Earrings. Looking for that unique earring to complete your look? Look no further. My set of two drop earrings will have heads turning.
  • $24.50 $15.00
    Plus-size Women's - Petal Necklace Set. Wow! My new necklace and earring set is so unique. I love the color way and chain-link design. You're going to love the way this set completes your outfit. Wear with matching drop earrings for major wow factor!
  • $24.50 $11.98
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Snakeskin & Bead Necklace. A pretty beaded necklace transformed by "the new neutral"- snakeskin print for some wild style. You get the best of both worlds.
  • $24.50 $15.00
    Plus-size Women's - PU Fringed Collar Necklace Set. A sleek collar necklace, perfect for adding some edgy glam to any look. Opt for the matching hoop earrings for a bold alternate look.
  • $7.99 - $12.50
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Pearl Drop Earrings. Here's a pair of drop earrings that will enhance your luxuriant and plush style.
  • $12.50 $5.98
    Plus-size Women's - Snakeskin Print Hoop Earrings. Fashion's newest neutral! Try my new mini hoop earrings featuring trendy snakeskin print and easy clip-on feature.
  • $12.50 $5.98
    Plus-size Women's - Snakeskin Hoop Earrings. My trendy teardrop hoop earrings will add a touch of wild and one-of-kind style to any of your outfits.
  • $12.50 $5.98
    Plus-size Women's - Checkered Tear Drop Earrings. Don't shed at tear. My new tear drop earrings are here to complete your look. It's checkered print atop a crystal feel is a unique and fun way to finalize any outfit. Style with matching necklace.
  • $24.50 $11.98
    Plus-size Women's - Chain-Link Fringe Necklace Set. Show stopper! This necklace set is the true definition of a statement piece. Style with matching drop earrings for THE look!
  • $16.50 $7.98
    Plus-size Women's - Snakeskin Print Necklace Set. Triple threat here! Chunky necklace, snakeskin and matching earrings. One-stop shop and done for an effortless statement making look. You're welcome!
  • $16.50 $10.99
    Plus-size Women's - Blue Cascading Chiffon Earrings. My new earrings are so delicate and appealing. It features a bold blue chiffon tiered detail and silver-tone hardware. Add these to give any outfit a more enchanting look.