Silver Metal Jewelry

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  • $12.50
    Plus-size Women's - Chain & Bead Drop Earrings. Ooh, la la - you'll love how my drop earrings accentuate your alluring taste and trendy style! Keep it fashion-forward with my chain and bead drop earrings that'll get you turning heads all day - or all night - long. They come in both silver-tone and gold-tone.
  • $14.50
    Plus-size Women's - Textured Chunky Bangle. Sometimes all you need is a piece of jewelry to complete your look. My new textured bangle is a trendy chunky bangle that comes in silver or gold. Add to your jewelry collection, I promise it’s a must-have.
  • $14.50
    Plus-size Women's - Oversize Double Disc Drop Earrings. Truly make the finishing touch on your bomb outfit with my new statement drop earrings.
  • $14.50
    Plus-size Women's - Textured Crystal Earrings. Attention! You need these new earrings. They will surely enhance you standing out from the rest. It also comes in gold!
  • $12.50
    Plus-size Women's - Mesh Double Disc Clip-On Earrings. Complete your look with new earrings. They feature mesh and beautiful diamond embellishments for a unique and signature look.
  • $16.50
    Plus-size Women's - Spiral Cuff Bracelet. Want to achieve an ethereal look with accessories? Look no further. My spiral cuff bracelet gives off a super exquisite vibe and can elevate any outfit.
  • $12.50
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Pearl Drop Earrings. Here's a pair of drop earrings that will enhance your luxuriant and plush style.
  • $19.50
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Multi Chain Cross Necklace. Stay true to your faith with my truly inspiring new necklace! With multiple chains, a sparkly silver cross, and shiny rhinestones, you'll be making a statement the moment you arrive with so much spirit.
  • $19.50
    Plus-size Women's - Textured Heart Pendant Set. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. Here is the pendant that matches my textured crystal embellished earrings. Style together for a luxurious look, is there eve such a thing as too much?
  • $29.50
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Diamond & Bead Necklace Set. Make a statement in my new multi-strand bead necklace set. The alternating faux diamonds and beads are so stunning. This set is most definitely for a night out. Get this set and walk in looking like a Hollywood starlet.
  • $19.50
    Plus-size Women's - Embellished Layered Chain-Link Necklace. Layer it up! There's nothing like a layered chain-link necklace. I took this look and added colored faux crystals and extended the length for an extra pop. This would look great over any top.
  • $16.50 $10.99
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Hamsa Charm Necklace. Stay protected with my Hamsa hand charm necklace that is perfect for gifting to a loved one or adding to your own accessories collection.
  • $19.50 $12.99
    Plus-size Women's - Silver Necklace With Resin Pendant. Designed with gorgeous strands of varying silver chain links and a resin pendant, my layered necklace looks perfect with everything from strapless dresses to your favorite statement blouses.
  • $14.50
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Pearl Heart Earrings. My new drop earrings features faux pearls adorning a heart shape for a fun, new take on a timeless classic.
  • $16.50 $8.99
    Plus-size Women's - Rhinestone Stud Earring Gift Set. Sparkle, shine and match every occasion in my rhinestone stud earring set that comes in three different sizes. This forever-in-style stud earring set also comes in an adorable, blue monogrammed logo box making it ideal to give as a gift!
  • $12.50 $7.99
    Plus-size Women's - Cushion Drop Cubic Zirconia Earring. Enjoy sparkle and elegance with my gorgeous cushion drop earrings that feature a large shimmering cubic zirconia stone.
  • $12.50 $7.99
    Plus-size Women's - Filigree Leaf Earring. Let personality shine through in my delicate, filigree leaf earrings that feature a glittery detail on back.
  • $12.50 $7.99
    Plus-size Women's - OVERSIZED EARRING WITH LIONS HEAD. I'm the true Queen of the jungle in these oversized circular earring that feature a lions head in the middle. Perfect for pairing when I'm feeling like the boss!
  • $14.50 $9.99
    Plus-size Women's - Safety Pin Cuff. Something different for your jewelry collection. You won't poke yourself with my safety pin cuff bracelet that's simplistic in design, yet oh-so-stylish.
  • $12.50
    Plus-size Women's - Mixed Media Beaded Hoops. Round out your outfit with my striking new hoops. The mixed media makes for a unique finishing touch.
  • $24.50
    Plus-size Women's - Faux Snakeskin & Bead Necklace. A pretty beaded necklace transformed by "the new neutral"- snakeskin print for some wild style. You get the best of both worlds.