Size 10 Dresden Blue Tops

  • $39.50 $23.70
    Plus-size Women's - Classic Cotton Button Up Top. Always a classic, this crisp cotton plus size top features a tailored silhouette with a point collar and button-up front.
  • $39.50 $23.70
    Plus-size Women's - Stripe Button Up Long Sleeve Top. An of the moment counterpart, create a flawless pairing with its matching high waist maxi skirt that streamlines your curves.
  • $49.50 $29.70
    Plus-size Women's - Rhinestone Heart Scuba Jacket. Add a little rhinestone to your look and sparkle up your life, babe - even in leisure mode. Shop this plus size rhinestone heart plus size scuba jacket. Match me if you can with the jogger, only at Ashley Stewart.