Women Silver Bangle Bracelets

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  • $16.50
    Plus-size Women's - Mixed Set of Silver Bangles. An edgy set of bangles, perfect for adding a statement to any look. Wear with matching hoop earrings for a edgy and matchy look.
  • $16.50
    Plus-size Women's - Spiral Cuff Bracelet. Want to achieve an ethereal look with accessories? Look no further. My spiral cuff bracelet gives off a super exquisite vibe and can elevate any outfit.
  • $14.50
    Plus-size Women's - Inspirational Ribbon Bracelet. The story of how the Komen Foundation was established never fails to inspire. Show your support and help continue to inspire others when wearing this stretch ribbon and bead bracelet that's inscribed with inspirational verbiage such as survivor, strength and believe.
  • $14.50
    Plus-size Women's - Textured Chunky Bangle. Sometimes all you need is a piece of jewelry to complete your look. My new textured bangle is a trendy chunky bangle that comes in silver or gold. Add to your jewelry collection, I promise it’s a must-have.
  • $14.50 $7.99
    Plus-size Women's - Chunky Bead Bracelet Set. My new bracelets matches my chunky bead necklace and earring set. Mix and match or wear together for a complementary and coordinating look.