Ashley Stewart presents Rock the sponsored by Mixed Chicks. This free event will be held in Brooklyn NYC 11217 on July 16th and is created to celebrate body confidence and women with curves.
The Event  on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 10am to 6pm.
Day of Festivities

Title Sponsors about Mixed Chicks
Founders Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge are “mixed chicks” who turned their frustrating haircare woes into an opportunity to create products that could handle the wily locks of bi-racial men and women everywhere. The result was a line of naturally beautifying solutions that transcend all hair types to provide the control, shine, and health they deserve.
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Vera Moore Cosmetics is an affordable luxury brand of cosmetics and skincare for women of all cultures. The brand is anchored in the belief that skincare is the focus coupled with the usage of cosmetics. Thus, our mantra: skincare is the true foundation.
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Gift Bag Sponsors - Mixed Chicks, RetailMeNot, People Style Watch and Instyle.

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Gift Bag Sponsors - Mixed Chicks, RetailMeNot, People Style Watch and Instyle.