Plus Size Full Coverage Butterfly Bra


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The Butterfly Bra is our
most-loved style. Featuring
double-back wrap panels,
wide gel straps, graduated
push-up lift and underwire contour cups it gives you full
coverage and a flawless
fit – perfect for everyday wear

Plus Size Plunge Butterfly Bra


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As versatile as it is sexy,
our Convertible Butterfly
Bra can be worn six
different ways! Wear it
strapless, as a halter, even a
crossback. Whatever
you need, this is your
versatile go-to bra.

Plus Size Convertible Butterfly Bra


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The Plunge Butterfly Bra
supports your curves! The
double-back wrap panels,
wide gel straps, graduated
push-up lift and underwire
contour cups create the
perfect fit, and a sexy
plunge look.

The Butterfly Bra

Why do we call it the The Butterfly by Ashley Stewart™? It’s not just because of the delicate gold charm – the patented double-wrap back is like the wings of a butterfly.

  • •Patented double-wrap back
  • •Higher quality fit & support
  • •Ultra comfortable gel straps
  • •More secure underwire for the perfect lift!

"This is probably my favorite technique and the one I wear the most."
GARNER STYLE | The Curvy Girl Guide - SEE for YOURSELF!

"Love the way the back of these bras cross over and give you great back support without feeling like you are wearing a metal jacket or corset to hold your back."
- Juels

"If you are a bigger gal like myself with decent sized girls, these bras are a must-have! I really like the unique double clasps. They instantly smooth your back!"
- Stephanie

"Sexy with the perfect, much-needed back support. I am speechless."
- Anilka

"I am a 38 DD, and my whole adult life I have never been able to wear anything strapless...I tried this on and started crying. Where has this been all my life?! FINALLY I am able to expand my wardrobe and be able to buy all the cute tops and dresses I have longed to wear all these years."
- Sara

"I absolutely love my new bra! I am a curvy plus sized woman, and am always self-conscience about my side back rolls. This bra takes care of that! I bought a second one already. The cup gives AMAZING lift and the bra is VERY comfortable!"
- Tamjamon

"I am a busty woman, and nothing moved as I danced the night away at my gala event of the year. It truly is the most solid, supportive bra I've ever worn."
- Wendy
"I love this bra. Great support, and the wide straps aid in comfort and keep the straps from digging into your shoulders."
- Lydia

"Dream bra...makes me feel sexy and comfortable."
- Mia

"THE BEST bra I ever had......EVER!...Exactly true to size. Have been wearing Ashley shape wear for 20 years, and their garments are so much better than others... This bra was very soft, some lace, black and a lot of support. The best part was I didn't feel it digging into my skin. The full coverage butterfly bra is the best"
- Nichy Brown

"That butterfly bra is the truth. I love it."
- Tangela